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Khanacademy – This site is great for maths. I watched a Year 6 teacher use this site last week to introduce algorithums with decimals.

Once the video was shown, the class completed some examples together and then set off to work at their own pace on set questions the teacher listed. It was also effective because the students were all able to see the IWB whereas when a teacher is writing examples on the board, it is difficult for them not to be physically in the way or line of sight of some of the students (sometimes having your back to a class when key teaching concepts are occurring is not advisable). It was a very effective lesson that not only incorporated ICT’s, it engaged the students and allowed each student to have a degree of success with the concept. Students are then able to watch the links at home if they need to refresh their memory.

A great tool for math revision and the link covers a broad range of Year levels and concepts – I really liked this one :).


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  1. There are a few things I like about this site. The clear, simple explanations. The fact that it can be played back anytime the students needs to re-view it. I’m wondering how it would fit in with the language model of teaching maths – I guess you would just have to be careful at which point you showed different videos. Definitely a good tool in conjunction with hands on learning and practice activities.

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