Favourite Sites

Useful sites. Now haven’t we heard that term used a few times in this course!

Visiting Miss Hayes blog, she mentions TES – Think Educate share.

I have a few that I visit often but actually find it difficult to find good sites that use our metric terms or currency. Sometimes I hit on a great site for English but the maths side of things is unsuitable.

Do you have any good sites to share? I like quite a few. Here are some of my favourites…..

The busy teacher café

Khan Academy (for maths)

The Teachers corner

and Super Teacher Worksheets

Please share your favs too.


Time poor, Technology rich??

Isn’t technology supposed to be quicker and give us more time?

I really do not understand why I am so busy when I have an automatic everything!!

My parents and grandparents seemed to have far more time and they had to chop the wood for the fire and they had a wood stove. Hot water only came if you boiled it yourself, so the fire had to be going pretty much all the time. Forget a nice hot bath if the water hadn’t been put on to boil! Washing the clothes was performed using a manual wringer washing machine and a dryer – well that was the wind and the sun. There was no microwave or vacuum cleaner.

Where does our time go? Why are we so busy?

I just read on Mrs Jones blog page a very similar posting.

If we are this time poor now, what will it be like if technology keeps improving?

Your views?