Maths – How can we help students with learning time?

Just read a great post about a site on Tina’s site about Math Trail. Admittedly, the site is beyond the ability levels of Primary ages student’s but none the less, a great site. By following the questions and answering them correctly, students are taken on a journey around the world using Google maps. Nice way to use cross curricular aspects in mathematics.

I am also doing another unit on Special Ed at the moment and my focus is from The Australian Curriculum

Mathematics / Year 3 / Measurement and Geometry / Using units of measurement

Content description

  • Tell time to the minute and investigate the relationship between units of time (ACMMG062)


  • Recognising there are 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute

Can anyone recommend any great tips or ideas for teaching students with learning difficulties the concepts of time?



Great Books

Fawn was kind enough to comment on my previous blog regarding Books versus ipads and Kindles.

She mentioned a great book on her site and provided a link to it. It is well worth the read. I can see so many avenues to use this little gem; Bullying and Friendship issues are the first to jump to mind.

There are so many fantastic picture books available to us as teachers. I really love to see kids reading and extracting the meaning from them. Some books can have deep purpose and serve to assist us in the many roles we take on as teachers and guardians of these precious little people 5 days a week(nurse, guidance counsellor, friend, mentor, positive adult role model).

I would love to have a huge space in my classroom for picture books….. I really hope the value of holding a book and pouring over its pages never fades out of our kids worlds. There is so much value in taking the time to read to and with kids using beautiful books.

I like so many and have previously posted some of my favourite authors. One book I have used a few times is ‘Luke’s way of Looking’. It is about a little boy who sees the world differently (perhaps Aspergers or Autistic). One day, he realises that just because he sees things differently, doesn’t make him wrong. A great book.

Does anyone else have a little gem of a book they care to share?